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December 20th, 2016, I promised myself I’ll start reading a minimum of 20 pages of a book a day. Before I started with this habit, I didn’t really like reading nor did I read a lot. I used to read one to three books per year. 

But that all changed when I read Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith. Ever since I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I knew I needed to emulate the behavior of those whose shoes I want to fill. And for me, that was other successful entrepreneurs. 

I knew all of them read 40-50 books a year and I wanted to do the same thing. 

The only problem was that I didn’t like reading books. 

So when I read Triggers (I read two books that year), I learned that I needed to create a simple, yet easy, system that will help me read every day. So I created my habit reading tracker in Excel which consisted of a few simple things:


  • How much I need to read daily (20 pages)
  • What day of the habit is it (1-364, reset once a year)
  • How much did I read that day
    • If it was 20 or more pages on that day, the cell in Excel would automatically color itself green
    • If it was 19 or less, the cell in Excel would automatically color itself red
  • The date on that day (we don’t live in a vacuum and I wanted to see when I read the most and when the least number of pages)


The habit reading tracker helped me read 47 books in the first year of using it. 

I shared it with a couple of friends and they also started using the tracker to their benefit. That’s when I realized I created something that isn’t just helpful to me, but also to other people. 

And this habit reading tracker can help you too. 

Take a quick look at how the blank sheet looks.


If you follow the instructions and read every day, after a month your sheet will look something like this.

Habit tracker after a year version

You can download it here by leaving your email. The habit reading tracker is free, simple, and easy to use. 

But beware of that— as Jim Rohn used to say, “The easy things are easy to do. But they are also easy not to do.” So when you get the tracker and start using it, remember that those 20 pages a day will stack. For me, it was 47 books in just the first year. For you? Only the sky is the limit. 

So go ahead. One small step at a time and at the end of the year, you’ll wonder and awe how much you read with this simple system. 

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    Free Reading Tracker

    Before you leave, you should check out our habit reading tracker. It will help you increase the number of books you read by 7-11X