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Our habit reading ebook „Don't Break The Chain“ holds the answer.

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“I read a book one day and it changed my life.”– Orhan Pamuk


The quote isn’t “I read a book summary one day and it changed my life.” 


Because no matter how good a book summary is, it can never replace the experience of reading a book. I know that our summaries are excellent and that you get almost everything from the book by reading our summaries, but you don’t get to experience the book


You don’t get to experience it, the ins and outs of the main character, the feelings that hit you like a ton of bricks while reading it, and the change in you that follows it. 


The same can be applied to movies. Epic scenes from movies like “Luke, I’m your father” only hit you when you have watched the movies and experienced the struggles of the characters. You can’t watch an analysis of the movie, no matter how good it is, without watching the movie and understand the weight of that scene. 


The same rule applies to reading books. 


I can still tell you how I felt when I read the scene from Man’s Search For Meaning where Frankl stated “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” It crushed me when I read that sentence from a person who experienced all of that. And the experience of reading this sentence in the book helped me deal with the problems that were haunting me. 


And that’s what books do to us. They don’t simply inform us with knowledge, they allow us to experience and develop. It’s those experiences from books that change us and allow us to grow, personally and professionally. 


No matter how good our summaries are, they will never be able to replace the experience of reading a book. True, our summaries are in-depth analyses of the books and they provide information and knowledge about those epic moments from the books. But they can’t replace them.


That’s why I want to help you start experiencing more and that means that you need to start reading more books. 


More books = More experiences = More growth 


We know reading books isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, consistency, and a bit of money to do so. That’s why I wrote Don’t Break The Chain that will help you read more books in a year with ease. 

This system helped me consistently read 40-50 books a year while reading only 20 pages a day. And the best thing is that it helped other people read that much as well. 



How many times have you tried reading books only to quite after a couple of days? 


Or listened to a conversation about a trending book that you can’t participate in?


Or simply had to look at all those „I read 47 books a year“ bragging posts? 


It doesn’t have to be that difficult. 


Reading 47 books a year doesn’t have to be troublesome. 


You can do it by implementing our habit reading system. 

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It’s simple, easy, and effortless.


You can literally do it by reading 20 pages a day. 


And that’s what our system is about—it teaches you how to build a reading habit that you can effortlessly do every single day. 

Here’s What Don’t Break The Chain Is All About

The Don’t Break The Chain ebook lays out my reading system that will help you create a reading habit with ease. 


The entire system has five sections that cover the following elements: 


1. How habits form


This section will go over the 3 parts that build every habit: cue, routine, and reward. And I’ll talk to you about how I built a book-reading habit by hacking these three steps. 


I’ll show you exactly what my habit loop looks like, what you need to do to replicate it, and will provide the necessary tools to make it happen. 


2. How to use willpower to build a system


You only need to use your willpower to build a system and then, the system (habit) takes over. You invest your motivation early on and it yields you rewards for years and years…


In this section, I’ll go over the tools that helped me build the system— my habit-reading tracker. I’ll explain how the tracker functions in detail and why it will only take you 5-10 seconds a day to build your system


3. How to track and measure your progress


This section is all about the importance of tracking and measuring.


There are three ways how you can track your tasks and most people use the wrong one. I’ll show you how you need to track your reading so it works for you…


…so that the tracker isn’t a chore, but a reward to you….


….so that the tracker helps you build, instead of pushing you to quit. 


On top of that, my habit tracker will automatically measure your reading progress so you can only focus on the things that matter— reading books. 


4. Why consistency beats quantity over time


Most people start too strong and then get a burnout after a few days. 


That’s why this section goes over why you need to start by reading only a handful of pages every single day. 


Because it accumulates. 


I read only 20 pages a day and read 47 books a year. 


So start small and let it accumulate into something big. 


5. How to make the habit a part of your personality


And the last section will help you make a lifelong habit out of reading books. 


It’s all about changing the way you think about your habits. 


They’re not something you just do…


Your habits are something you are


It’s a part of your personality, not a chore or a task that needs to be done. 


And this section will help you make this habit a part of your personality so it sticks for you throughout the years.

With our ebook, you will also get the habit reading tracker. 


It’s not like other trackers out there, where you have to spend an hour just to understand what’s it all about. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Trackers shouldn’t be a chore to do, but rewards for reading that day. And our tracker is designed to be that.


It’s simple and easy to fill. 


And it takes you 5-10 seconds to do so. 

Don't break the chain

The Proven and Easy Way to Read 47 Books A Year
$ 19,97
  • E-book
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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Don’t Break The Chain ebook and the reading habit tracker 2.0. You will also recieve a couple of emails from us to get you started with the reading habit.

There’s an easy daily reading goal that you need to hit and then spend 5 seconds filling the tracker.

Yes, there’s a 7-days refund policy.

Using the system, you will be reading anywhere between 40-50 books a year with ease.