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The two things I hated in high-school were reading books and writing. That constitutes the bulk of what I do today. 

I started reading books back on December 20th, 2016 by reading at least 20 pages of a book a day. I created a simple habit reading tracker and slowly, but surely, started my journey.

A year later, I was 47 books richer. Three years passed and I read 126 books. I did all of that by using my simple habit reading tracker. It was so effective that my friends started using the tracker and it had the same effect on them. That’s when I realized I created something useful not just for me, but for everyone else.

All book summaries that you’re about to read are the fruit of a simple, 20-page-a-day, reading system.

Your Money Or Your Life Book cover

Your Money Or Your Life Book Summary, Review, Notes

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez is a program book that teaches you how to look at the modern way of reaching cash by following the phrase much is better and changing this thinking into the knowledge of enough. Book Title: Your Money Or Your LifeAuthors: Vicki Robin & Joe

Crucial Conversations book cover

Crucial Conversations Book Summary, Review, Notes

Our success in life depends on how we can build good relationships. Some individuals appear to be more adept than others at negotiating better quality outcomes (for all) because they engage with people as opposed to working through other individuals. They are able to have conversations that are both more in-depth and more honest, which

How to Talk to Anyone Book Summary, Review, Notes 

How to Talk to Anyone written by Leil Lowndes, gives you 92 pieces of advice that will improve your social skills at the top level. By following this advice, you can become that one person in your crowd who always gets whatever he wants – thanks to the small, simple secrets. Book Title: How to

Atlas of the Heart Book cover

Atlas of the Heart Book Summary, Review, Notes

The book walks through a new framework for fostering genuine connection and covers eighty-seven feelings and experiences that characterize what it means to be human.  Book Title: Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human ExperienceAuthor: Brené BrownDate of Reading: July 2023Rating: 9/10 Table of Contents What Is Being Said In

black swan book cover

The Black Swan Book Summary, Review, Notes

The book Black Swan – Impact of the Highly Improbable tells us the story of Black Swans – impactful, unpredictable events that have been taking place since we know anything about history. The author explains the fundaments of this concept and where people are making mistakes when trying to predict or influence a Black Swan. 

Blink Malcolm gladwell book cover

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Summary, Review, Notes

“Blink” is about how quickly our minds can process information. The power of the human mind to make quick decisions and judgments that are, for the most part, correct is one of the topics that Malcolm Gladwell investigates in this book. Book Title— Blink: The Power of Thinking Without ThinkingAuthor— Malcolm GladwellDate of Reading— April

Freakonomics book cover

Freakonomics Book Summary, Review, Notes

Freakonomics’ purpose is to investigate the hidden side of . . . everything! This is a peculiar idea for a book in some ways because most others provide a single subject. This approach makes use of the greatest analytical techniques economics has to offer, but it also gives us the freedom to pursue any bizarre

Converted by Neil Hoyne - Book Cover

Converted Book Summary, Review, Notes

Converted by Neil Hoyne is a book about the conversation that engages others, relationships that will help us identify the people that matter, and self-improvement that will help us build a culture of exploration and risk-taking. Book Title: Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ HeartsAuthor: Neil HoyneDate of Reading: March 2022Rating: 8/10 Table of

Trust Me, I'm Lying Book Cover

Trust Me, I’m Lying Book Summary, Review, Notes

Trust Me, I’m Lying is Ryan Holiday’s first book and it’s about the media monster. The book explains what happens when you create and feed the monsters known as the blogs and what happens when the monster gets out of control— innocent and not so innocent people get hurt. Book Title: Trust Me, I’m Lying:

Art of Seduction - Robert Greene - Book Cover

The Art of Seduction Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Art of Seduction is a book by an American author Rober Greene. He is especially popular in business thanks to his famous books such as The 48 Laws of Power and The 33 Strategies of War. The Art of Seduction was published in 2001 and the genre can be considered dark psychology, where the

the greatest salesman in the world book cover

The Greatest Salesman in The World Book Summary, Review, Notes

The book Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino teaches us how to become great salesmen through life principles that are applicable to all areas of life. By following the journey of Hafid, we get an example of the circle of life, growth and gaining wisdom. Book Title — The Greatest Salesman in The

Discipline is Destiny

Discipline is Destiny Book Summary, Review, Notes

“Discipline is Destiny” recounts the lives of some of history’s most accomplished people, detailing how they rose to the top of their fields by relying on the life-changing power of self-discipline. This book will show you how to create an unbreakable sense of self-control despite the fact that we live in a world full of instability