Self-Help Book Summaries

There were two words written in the Temple of Apollo at Delhi— “know thyself.” 

Self-reflecting and knowing yourself is a multiplier skill in today’s world. If you know yourself, you can:

  • learn, unlearn, and re-learn faster
  • understand and play on your strengths
  • delegate and hire people to cover for your weaknesses
  • keep your ego in check so you don’t make (foolish) mistakes
  • come from a place of empathy when dealing with people


Self-help book summaries will help you explore these concepts. 

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The Checklist Manifesto Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande teaches us how to ensure that you consistently, correctly, and safely execute the knowledge and training you received throughout the years? Simple— with a checklist. And that’s what The Checklist Manifesto is all about. Book Title: The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right Author: Atul Gawande Date of

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The Obstacle Is The Way Ryan Holiday Book Cover

The Obstacle Is The Way Book Summary

Table of Contents Book Title: The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art Of Turning Trials into TriumphAuthor: Ryan HolidayDate of Reading: December 2017Rating: 10/10   What Is The Book About As A Whole:   The Obstacle Is The Way is a book on stoicism that doesn’t want to rewrite the ancient texts; the book

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Beyond Order Book Summary

Book Title: Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for LifeAuthor: Jordan PetersonDate of Reading: March 2021Rating: 7/10 Table of Contents   What Is The Book About As A Whole:   It’s a counter-part to his previous book, 12 Rules For Life, where Peterson talks about creating order where in this book, Peterson explains the rules that

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