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Self-Help Book Summaries

There were two words written in the Temple of Apollo at Delhi— “know thyself.” 

Self-reflecting and knowing yourself is a multiplier skill in today’s world. If you know yourself, you can:

  • learn, unlearn, and re-learn faster
  • understand and play on your strengths
  • delegate and hire people to cover for your weaknesses
  • keep your ego in check so you don’t make (foolish) mistakes
  • come from a place of empathy when dealing with people


Self-help book summaries will help you explore these concepts. 

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the 7 habits of highly effective people book cover

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Book Summary, Review, Notes

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is a book that gives a principle-centered approach to resolving issues that arise in one’s personal life as well as one’s professional life. As its title suggests, this is a motivating read that encourages readers to make positive, long-lasting changes to their character in

Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be

Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be Book Summary, Review, Notes

The author, Steven Pressfield, instructs us in the fine art of “putting your rear end where your heart wants to be” during the course of this book. Your routines or methods, often known as your own unique approaches to “putting your ass where your heart is,” are what will ultimately lead you to achieve the

the earned life book cover

The Earned Life Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Earned Life, by the world’s best coach Marshall Goldsmith and his trusted co-author Mark Reiter, is a book for ambitious individuals seeking a higher purpose to live a happy life without regrets. His stories and lessons learned over the years as a coach are presented in a way that is both inspiring and practical,


The ONE Thing Book Summary, Review, Notes

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is a self-help book that focuses on the importance of focusing on one goal at a time. The book focuses on a few essential concepts, such as prioritization, creating goals, and the effectiveness of single-tasking over multitasking, among other things. One of the most important lessons

Imaginable book cover

Imaginable Book Summary, Review, Notes

Imaginable by Jane McGonigal encourages the readers to spend time in the realm of their imagination envisioning future scenarios. Contemplating about the future and developing detailed scenarios will prove crucial for achieving personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and expanding one’s mind. What is perceived as impossible or ridiculous today, tomorrow might be possible and attainable.  Book

Cues Book Summary

Cues Book Summary, Review, Notes

Vanessa Van Edwards is a communications expert. In her book Cues, she discusses the language of human social cues as well as what it takes to be charismatic. She has grouped cues into the four basic kinds of communication: Nonverbal, Vocal, Verbal, and Imagery. How cues affect and shape your ability to communicate effectively with

The Whole Body Reset Book Summary

The Whole Body Reset Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Whole Body Reset, is the result of a collaboration between Stephen Perrine, author of more than two dozen New York Times bestsellers and executive editor of AARP the Magazine and the AARP Bulletin, and Heidi Skolnik, nutritionist and exercise physiologist for legendary sports teams. In this entertaining and practical book, you’ll discover how to stay healthy and

Plays Well With Others Summary

Plays Well with Others Book Summary, Review, Notes

Plays Well With Others by Eric Barker offers an in-depth analysis of people’s behavior, especially in the context of close human relationships. The book emphasizes the key roles of friendship, community, and love in people’s happiness levels. It also provides useful tools for identifying and dealing with problems in a romantic relationship, but also for

Influence Is Your Superpower Book Cover

Influence Is Your Superpower Book Summary, Review, Notes

Influence Is Your Superpower, by Dr. Zoe Chance, professor at Yale School of Management, outlines powerful strategies for influencing others for success. In this book, you will learn more about people’s subconscious and how to improve your communication so that you have a positive influence on them.  Book Title: Influence Is Your Superpower: The Science