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Business & Finance Book Summaries

The most essential part of achieving autonomy includes financial freedom. Today, that means understanding:

  • how a business functions,
  • how capital flows,
  • how to automate and delegate tasks,
  • how to create value and,
  • how to scale your business operations

The following business & finance book summaries will help put you on the path toward financial freedom and autonomy.

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Real Artists Dont Starve Jeff Goins Book Cover

Real Artists Don’t Starve Book Summary

Book Title: Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative AgeAuthor: Jeff GoinsDate of Reading: August 2017Rating: 8/10 Table of Contents

The War Of Art Steven Pressfield Book Cover

The War Of Art Book Summary

Table of Contents “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield is a guide for overcoming the internal barriers, such as Resistance, that prevent creatives, especially



The simplest way to explain it would be to say it’s about structuring life for liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship. But this book is


The Compound Effect Book Summary

Book Title: The Compound EffectAuthor: Darren HardyDate of Reading: December, 2017Rating: 8/10 Table of Contents What is the book about as a whole: How to